Lladro Christmas

Lladro family christmas

Lladro – A Family Christmas

Christmas is one of the most touching moments of the year. There are many ways in which we can express feeling, through words and little details. As you already know, gifts are a popular way in which we can let our loved ones know how important they are to us. The Lladro Christmas collection has a limitless amount of meaningful, elegant gifts.

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The Lladro figurines are famous all around the world thanks to the fine artists and craftsmen that make every idea come true. These porcelains were first manufactured in the mid 50’s in Spain by a company founded by three brothers and, 50 years later, they can be found basically everywhere in the world.

Lladro Christmas ornament

2010 Christmas Bell – Lladro Christmas Ornament

This elegant, white porcelain bell is tied up with a beautiful teal bow with the year 2010 sculpted into it. What a perfect ornament to add to your collection!

Lladro Christmas treeGreat Christmas Tree by Lladro

This Lladro Great Christmas Tree is truly magnificent! This porcelain piece is a limited edition with only 2,000 available worldwide. The base is included.

Here is a another Christmas Tree by Lladro that would make a great addition to your collection.

a Christmas tree by LladroChistmas Tree Lladro

This glazed porcelain Christmas tree will add an elegant touch to your holiday theme. This piece is 5.5 inches tall

The Lladro porcelains are figurines that can serve various purposes (collections, gifts), and they are organized by the manufacturer in series and collections, according to their theme. While the ‘high porcelain’ pieces are quite expensive, and thus not reachable by everyone, the regular, mass series are both accessible and well crafted.

Lladro Christmas series contains figurines that represent Santa Claus, angels, Christmas trees and other details that are specifically associated with Christmas. They are perfect Christmas gifts for family members, friends and loved ones because they are very expressive and created in order to address people’s needs for art and beauty. The Lladro nativity figurines are also a great reminder of the true meaning of Christmas.

If you are a Lladro collector, you probably already know how these porcelains have their own way of capturing your interest. Because of their constantly increasing popularity, you can find them everywhere. If you want a regular Lladro piece, you probably don’t need to worry about spending your money on Lladro fakes, but if you go for a privileged piece, it is important that you are careful when purchasing it. Due to the fact that such porcelain is rather expensive, there are people out there who want to trick you into buying objects that are not really crafted and manufactured by Lladro. You can rest assured that all of the Lladro figurines on our site are authentic Lladro figures.

Lladro Christmas is a great series, combining religiosity, candor, grace, art and innocence. Either as gifts or as objects meant to lighten the atmosphere in your home, they should be a serious option in your Christmas shopping list.